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The last six years have seen our fleet and experience in hospitality grow with leaps and bounds. We have helped hundreds of you have amazing experiences in the Southeast. When we started our company it was an experiment to help folks find innovative ways for customer to get to the destinations & include our friends and family. During this time our family grew and our children discovered great places to camp, dig and enjoy nature and cities alike.  Our customers also started to explore great places in Atlanta and the Beltline has invigorated our local community.

We are saddened to announce that at the end of 2018 we will no longer be offering RV Rentals. However we are excited, to announce that we have taken what we learned during the development of this business and moved it into our next hospitality offering. We are not ready to announce this, offering but rest assured it will encompass the same amount of innovation, unique experiences and proximity to highly desirable attractions.

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If you get a moment we highly recommend the book:


‘Nomadland’ Tracks Rising Number Of Americans Living On The Road …

23 hours ago – A new book by the journalist Jessica Bruder describes the increasing number of Americans living on the road, often in RVs, moving from job to job.

Below are some great standout blogs mentioned in the book:

Cheap RV Living.com-Home

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. 



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The Adventures of Tioga and George

Tioga & George travel the roads of the west searching for adventure

rvsue and her canine crew | Living on less and enjoying life more


2 days ago – RVSue and her canine crew camp at Horseshoe Bend Campground in the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area near Lovell, Wyoming for 

Jimbo’s Journeys | Follow me on my journeys – Double click on all …

May 4, 2017 – Sorry to those who are wondering what happened to my blog posts. I have been busy working a part time job, but am now getting ready to 

GoRVATL: 2016 RV Exploration – Japan & Singapore

Did you just do a double take? We did ! When we thought about how folks in Asia think about RV traveling. Similar to Europe most of the Campers we encountered are based on the van as a base format.  The largest similarity to the us market seemed to be the class B campers.  In Japan you can also rent campers to drive around, however the left handed format and international drivers licence requirements require some pre-planning. We think the best way to get an overview for the sizes and formats is this Japanese RV Rental Site.  As this provides a good review, of  what exists currently for touring around Japan we wanted to see what is next! A dream for us would be importing these unique campers to the US.  (although given the amount of work required its not likely in the next 10 years).

See a couple of the photos  for some great next generation vehicles on our GoRVATL, photo alblum collection.

While in Singapore the site of a camper van was rare, we did however find out that there are many in Jakarta, Indonesia .


GoRVATL: 2016 Family Visit to Madrid Spain

Madrid Photo

As a family our RV trips in the US have been exciting! We decided to visit Madrid Spain for Thanksgiving Break Holiday and get a taste for the RV culture there. First, in Spain (and most of Europe) called “Camper Vans” and commonly you see them in the city only for special occasions.  We spoke to several folks prior to going over to Spain and found the  Trip Advisor site very helpful. We soon realized that we would not be able to find accommodations on a RV but rather were best off with an AirBnb rental. While we were there we did manage to speak to a few Camper Van enthusiasts and being exploring the city.

While we were in Madrid we came across a few Camper and they were usually around parks, or festivals.  A few photos of those are here: Spain Campground Photos.

The place that was most desirable for camping were parks outside the city center. We found a few locations that advertise Camper Van parking but those turned out to be private locations, with enterprising individuals.