GoRVATL: 2016 Family Visit to Madrid Spain

Madrid Photo

As a family our RV trips in the US have been exciting! We decided to visit Madrid Spain for Thanksgiving Break Holiday and get a taste for the RV culture there. First, in Spain (and most of Europe) called “Camper Vans” and commonly you see them in the city only for special occasions.  We spoke to several folks prior to going over to Spain and found the  Trip Advisor site very helpful. We soon realized that we would not be able to find accommodations on a RV but rather were best off with an AirBnb rental. While we were there we did manage to speak to a few Camper Van enthusiasts and being exploring the city.

While we were in Madrid we came across a few Camper and they were usually around parks, or festivals.  A few photos of those are here: Spain Campground Photos.

The place that was most desirable for camping were parks outside the city center. We found a few locations that advertise Camper Van parking but those turned out to be private locations, with enterprising individuals.



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