GoRVATL: 2016 RV Exploration – Japan & Singapore

Did you just do a double take? We did ! When we thought about how folks in Asia think about RV traveling. Similar to Europe most of the Campers we encountered are based on the van as a base format.  The largest similarity to the us market seemed to be the class B campers.  In Japan you can also rent campers to drive around, however the left handed format and international drivers licence requirements require some pre-planning. We think the best way to get an overview for the sizes and formats is this Japanese RV Rental Site.  As this provides a good review, of  what exists currently for touring around Japan we wanted to see what is next! A dream for us would be importing these unique campers to the US.  (although given the amount of work required its not likely in the next 10 years).

See a couple of the photos  for some great next generation vehicles on our GoRVATL, photo alblum collection.

While in Singapore the site of a camper van was rare, we did however find out that there are many in Jakarta, Indonesia .



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